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Expect the NFL to change the Extra Point rule; Head of officiating agrees it will happen

extra pointToday Pro Football Talk’s owner Mike Florio was on the Dan Patrick Show talking with Dean Blandino the head of officiating in the NFL.  Blandino believes that the NFL will change the extra point rule soon. Blandino said that after seeing NFL kickers make extra points less than 95 percent of the time through the preseason — as opposed to more than 99 percent of the time last regular season — the league will continue to look for a good solution to what has become football’s most boring play.

“We’ve actually missed eight. The experiment’s over. We had 141 attempts and we missed eight, which is 94.3 percent in terms of accuracy, which is lower than the 99.6 where we were,” Blandino said. “I think what you’re going to see is this play is going to change in the very near future. I don’t know if it’s the 15-yard line. I think we’re going to gather all the information we can from this experiment. I know there were several other proposals, several other ideas. We’ll gather all of that, the Competition Committee will get together once the season is over and we’ll come up with a proposal. I’m sure some teams will propose some things but I do anticipate this play is going to change.”

As a kicker, I kind of like the change. It will make kickers more accurate, because an extra point could be actually hard to make.  The game does need to become more competitive.  The new rule of illegal contact and the change of an extra point could end up changing a lot of outcomes.  I like that idea, do you? 


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