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Seattle Seahawks have five Black quarterbacks on their roster; Times are changing

It only took about 50 years for their to be a team with all black quarterbacks.  Shoot back in the day, African Americans were not allowed to play quarterback, or even ride a bus with the Whites.  Well times are changing in America, and Super Bowl Champs are the one’s leading the way. 

The Seattle Seahawks are bringing five African-American quarterbacks to training camp.

“We call ourselves ‘The Jackson 5,'” Russell wrote Wednesday on “I play the role of Michael Jackson.”

The backup singers: Tarvaris Jackson, Terrelle Pryor, B.J. Daniels and Keith Price.

Wilson feels the staff do not discriminate but rather just bring the best talent on board. 

“I believe the culture has changed in America, and in the NFL,” Wilson continued. “Nowhere can you see that more than in Seattle. I can tell you without reservation that (owner) Paul Allen and our GM, John Schneider, and our coach, Pete Carroll, don’t care what race you are, what color you are. They only care about performance.”

You have to love what Seattle has on their roster, all five are very solid back-ups.  Great move Seattle!!!


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