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NFL Draft Diamonds 2014 NFC Playoff Predictions; Looks like their is a new boss in town

kaepThe 2014 NFL season is just a few days away.  A matter of fact the Buffalo Bills begin camp on Sunday, and will be preparing for their August 3rd game against the New York Giants in Canton, Ohio at the Hall of Fame Game. So what I wanted to do is predict what the season will look like near the end for the NFC now. Can the Seattle Seahawks win it all again, or will another team dog them out in 2014. 

NFC East

The Philadelphia Eagles are a new team under Chip Kelly. They are a force to be reckon with on offense and have a very solid team.  Even though they lost Desean Jackson the team will still win the division.  Chip Kelly’s high scoring offense will finish first in the NFL in 2014. 

Philadelphia Eagles – NFC East Champions

NFC North 

Detroit Lions shock people and make a huge run near the end of the season.  The Lions under Jim Caldwell are not that far away.  A matter of fact, they dominated the North.  The Bears and Packers could not beat the high powered Lions offense.  The Lions look like a very versatile offense, that can move the ball at any given moment. 

Detroit Lions – NFC North Champions

NFC South 

The New Orleans Saints stacked up on their defense.  They will be the leader once again in the NFC South, but the Falcons were clapping.  The Saints are too good of a team to write off anytime soon. Unless a major injury to Drew Brees, the Saints will be a force for years to come. 

New Orleans Saints -NFC South Champions

NFC West

The San Francisco 49ers continue to dominate, but they are moving on all cylinders near the end of the year.  The Niners are showing excellence and strength.  They are going to be hard to beat, especially with all the targets they have on the offense.  

San Francisco 49ers – NFC West Champions 

Wild Card 

Arizona Cardinals were a very tough team and they dominated the Seahawks this year.  They beat them both games of the season, but they fell just short of the playoffs.  The Chicago Bears inched them out for the final Wild Card spot. 

Chicago Bears – NFC North Wild Card

Wild Card 

Last year the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl, and this year they barely made the playoffs?  Yes it was rough, the Seahawks were able to squeeze in by the hair on their chinny chin chin.  The Seahawks barely beat out the Redskins to get in this spot. 

Seattle Seahawks – NFC West Wild Card

How it breaks down: 

Detroit Lions vs. Seattle Seahawks -Lions win 21-17

Chicago Bears vs. New Orleans Saints – Saints win 35-27

49ers and Eagles  have Bye First Week

Round 2

Detroit Lions vs. San Francisco 49ers -49ers win 7-3

New Orleans Saints vs. Philadelphia Eagles – Eagles win 48-45

NFC Championship

San Francisco 49ers vs. Philadelphia Eagles – 49ers win 21-16

San Francisco 49ers  move on to play in the Super Bowl against the…..

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