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Alex Smith is not worth 18 million a year, Sorry

Alex Smith wants to be a high paying quarterback, but is he an 18 million dollar QB? There have been rumors saying he turned down a deal worth 17 million annually. Right now Jay Cutler is the highest paid QB, but to me he is overpaid. Alex Smith talked with NFL Network this week and said he wanted a new deal. Here is his response to Steve Wyche.

“Who knows, Certainly there’s been a lot of continued, open conversation between both sides. For me, come camp, that’s all gonna get forgotten about, for me it’s all about football. If it gets done, it gets done, but until then I’m just focused on that first game, really.”

Entering his contract year, Smith told The Kansas City Star this week: “I’d love to have it done.”

“I love Kansas City, I love the coaching staff, the players,” Smith said. “… But when you’re talking about this many years and that type of deal, you want it done right. You want both sides happy, and you want it to be something that is going to last and you can play out. A lot of things go into it.”

Smith’s camp wants to be paid around 18 million a year and Smith is over 30. I am sorry, I would tell him to play for that deal. Joe Flacco wanted a big contract, he turned down a mega deal and went out and won a Super Bowl. That ended up earning him huge bank, I say prove it Alex Smith, earn your check.


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