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Losing Greg Jennings will more than likely land the Packers a 3rd round draft pick

According to, both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers could land a 3rd round compensatory pick for losing star wide receivers.  While it hurt a little if you were a Packers fan to see a great wide out like Greg Jennings leave in free agency to the Vikings, it might have just paid off.

3 – Pittsburgh – Mike Wallace

3 – Green Bay – Greg Jennings

When Greg Jennings was with the Packers in 2012 he didn’t have his best season ever, which was strange when he landed a pretty penny from the Vikings, but that pretty penny is now paying off.  If the Packers land a 3rd rounder like is projecting then they can go so many different avenues.  I would not be surprised to see them bring in another wide receiver in 2014, especially with the quality depth available.

One thing is for sure, that 3rd round pick heal anyone who felt they lost a part of the city when Greg Jennings left.


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