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Greg Cosell says Blake Bortles would be his #1 pick if Draft was tonight

Today Greg Cosell was asked quite a bit of questions about the NFL Draft by NFL Network staff and when he was asked about the prospects, one player he raved about was Blake Bortles.

First off Cosell said that he thought Teddy Bridgewater was good, but lacked that “it” factor.  He went on to say somethings about Johnny Manziel as well.

“I would bring in Johnny Manziel and make him evaluate about 50-60 plays where he threw the ball were it didn’t belong. I would then ask him about the throws. If he says “I don’t know” to quite a bit of them, then that is not good. You cannot have mental mistakes in the NFL.”

On Bortles Cosell said:

“Everyone I talk to continues to rave about this kid. He is starting to grow on me. I think he would be my pick if the draft were tonight.”


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