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Bengals owner should be quiet, he continues question his draft pick

Bengals owner Mike Brown has been the recipient of considerable praise lately, given the success of his team, but lately he has been in the media saying some dumb things.  I have not liked what Brown has been saying lately, especially when his quarterback has played lights out for the Bengals since entering the NFL.  He led them to the playoffs, and while they have not been able to get far, they were at least there.

Well a day after saying that the Bengals wanted Colin Kaepernick over Andy Dalton, the owner is at it again.  Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Brown wanted Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett instead of Dalton.  Schefter says that offensive coordinator Jay Gruden was “instrumental” in selling Brown on Dalton.

I don’t know about you, but if I was the starting quarterback and I continued to read that the owner of the team I led tot he playoffs didnt’ want me, it would upset me.  Especially when I am still under contract.  I don’t see the logic behind this move, besides an owner answering the phone after a long new years drinking game.


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