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Seahawks manhandled the Saints tonight, to prove they are the best in the NFL

Tonight’s game was supposed to be a very good game. Everyone I talked too thought it would be a close game, where Drew Brees and his high powered attacking offense would be in a gun fight. Well it sure was a gun fight, but only one team brought a gun. The Seattle Seahawks and their high powered scoring offense began blowing out the Saints early, which led to a score of 27-7 at halftime.

Well it didn’t slow down from there. The Seahawks came to play and with just 7:17 remaining in the third quarter, Russell Wilson threw a beauty of a pass to Derrick Coleman to put the Hawks up 34-7. Wilson and the Seahawks are looking more and more like the best team in football.

Peyton Manning and the Broncos had a very strong attacking offense but their defense struggles. Seattle on the other hand has a very high powered offense to go along with a top 5 defense. I understand people are saying that the Broncos are the best team in the NFL, but the record says something different. I honestly hope to see the Broncos face the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, because there is no way the Seahawks can lose at home. Their crowd is awesome and their fans bring it every play. The 12th man caused numerous penalties tonight because of their screaming.

It was so bad that the Saints pulled Drew Brees and put in undrafted free agent Ryan Griffin, the former Tulane quarterback to risk getting Brees injured.


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