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Is Josh Gordon better than Calvin Johnson; or at least in the same conversation?

When Josh Gordon came out in the supplemental draft, we all knew he had super natural talents, but did you think he would turn out like he has? No, I am not talking about the suspensions, I am talking about the big play making ability.

Josh Gordon, who the Browns took in the supplemental draft, is emerging as a great receiver. In the past three weeks, he has been targeted 47 times with 29 receptions for 623 yards and four touchdown.

Josh Gordon is a bona fide beast. One week after piling up 237 yards receiving against the Steelers, the Browns wideout scorched Jacksonville’s defense for another 261 off 10 catches, making Gordon the first player in NFL history to post back-to-back 200-yard outings. It’s daunting to imagine what Gordon might become if a franchise passer ever emerges from Cleveland’s back ups.

In just two seasons Josh Gordon has 114 receptions for 2,054 yards and 12 touchdowns. When Calvin Johnson came into the league he started off his first two seasons with 126 receptions for 2087 yards and 16 touchdowns.  That was in 31 games. Josh Gordon has 12 less receptions, 33 yards and 4 touchdowns less than what Calvin Johnson started with.

Could Josh Gordon be the next Calvin Johnson type of player? What do you think? Let us know on twitter @drocksthaparty


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