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Are referee miscues causing teams football games?

You have to different kind of fans. Some believe the ref can cause a game to change and some believe that if the team had opportunities to make plays then they need to win.

While I agree with both, yesterday the referee’s had several crucisl calls that could have kept one team out of the playoffs.

The Buffalo Bills game had three back to back to back calls that allowed the Falcons a chance to win the game. The Bills were up by 7 with less than 2 minutes to go. On a 3rd down play the Bills were called for an illegal contact call which gave the Falcons a firat down. That call was the worst call ever. Yesterday the refs called a penalty on Aaron Williams who apparantly held onto Tony Gonzalez. Well after reviewing the play Williams never even touched him. Not obly was it a bad call it call about ten seconds after the play. That call was suspect, but last night the refs once again messed up.

In the Washington Redskins game on a second down play the refs signaled a first down on the sidelines and even moved the chains, but failed to give the Redskins the first down. RG3 stated after the game that even the markers read first down. On that play the Skins through a seam pass to Fred Davis who dropped it. On the next play, Pierre Garcon caught a ball and had it stripped.

At the end of the day both the Bills and Redskins lost, but something has to change with these refs. They are getting worse and worse.


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