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Three Fantasy Gems that you must start in week 9 (All from the same game?)

I have never seen a game with more potential of fantasy gain than the Dallas Cowboys/Minnesota Vikings game this week. There are some pretty amazing storylines in this game.  The first one is the fact that last week Dez Bryant had a little talk with his quarterback Tony Romo on the sidelines, which drew national media attention.  That story will be widely watched this week against the Vikings horrible pass defense.  Then you have to look at Adrian Peterson who has been horrible since his son had died (Understandable), but still hurts when you are en route to the fantasy playoffs.

So here are my top 3 Fantasy Gems this week, and yes they are all from the Cowboys/Vikings game:

Tony Romo – Tony Romo is a very solid passer and while he makes stupid plays at times, he is a must start against the Vikings, because he is going to look for his number 1 receiver after that outcry last week. I expect Tony Romo to put up a 400 yard game against the Vikings pass defense.  Josh Robinson seems to be in position for every play but has had a hard time this year.  Xavier Rhodes has been welcomed to the NFL as well over the past few weeks.  Teams will continue to target their young corners.

Adrian Peterson – Peterson has been pretty bad since his child was murdered in Sioux Falls.  I feel horrible for the Vikings back, because as a father myself, I could not imagine.  Well this week Peterson should be able to get back on track, playing a very banged up Dallas defense.  Peterson continues to tell Dallas media he will break Emmitt Smith’s rushing record by 2017 and while that would be awesome, he is going to need a huge game to get his season back on track. Dallas Defense will be that team to help him out.  I expect a 150 yard game from the best back of modern times.

Dez Bryant – Last week he said he was just as good as Calvin Johnson, and to be honest if he would have been targeted like Calvin Johnson last week, he might have had more yards than Megatron.  I can see how that would upset you, but it looks like the NFL players are backing Dez up.  Get him the ball Tony.  This week I see 15 targets going to the former first round pick, and 200 plus yards.  Bryant might challenge Megatron for the performance of the year this week.


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