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Robert Griffin takes a shot at the coaching staff saying that the Eagles defense knew all the plays

Robert Griffin III was on the wrong side of some criticism that has happened over the past few days and it has several teammates upset.

“Robert Griffin III’s propensity for saying things that maybe the coaches and others in the organization wish he would not say publicly has been a source of frustration for quite some time,” Silver said.

One player described Griffin’s post-game comments to Silver as “cold-blooded.”

The only bad thing is that now RG3 took a shot back at his own coaching staff, saying the Eagles knew what plays the Redskins were running before they were called.

Griffin mentioned to the press that it was “disheartening” when the Philadelphia Eagles’ defense knew what plays were coming during Sunday’s loss. That sounded like a shot against the coaching staff. Speaking about his interception to end the game, Griffin mentioned that no one was open on the play.


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