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Ravens defender Chris Canty says the Redskins should start Kirk Cousins and bench RG3

Chris Canty is not on a winning team, but he is on a team that shares the DMV borders.  Canty basically said that RG3 needs to be benched.

“It’s clear that RGIII does not have the explosion that he had during his rookie campaign. … I think they should sit him down,”Baltimore Ravens defensive lineman Chris Canty said on NFL Network’s “Around the League Live.” “It’s clear that he’s not able to run the offense at the high level that he did during his rookie year. I think Kirk Cousins gives them the best opportunity to win football games right now.”

“So much of (RGIII’s) game is predicated on his agility, his elusiveness and his ability to be able to separate from defenders,” Canty continued. “He can’t do that and that knee is not 100 percent healthy. This is his second reconstruction on that same knee. I think it takes a little more time for that guy to develop and be healthy in order to put himself in good position to help his team win.”

Kirk Cousins has come in before in relief duty and done a terrific job, maybe it is time to start Kirk Cousins.  What do you think?


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