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If Mike Tomlin doesn’t beat the Bills this week in Pittsburgh, could it cost him his job?

Have the Pittsburgh Steelers players given up on Mike Tomlin?  I think it would take a major change of heart for the Rooney’s to fire someone, but deep down inside, it could happen.

I don’t believe that Mike Tomlin should be the problem because he has had to go through problem after problem, especially on the injury front.  The Steelers have not had their entire starting lineup out on the field once this year.  They are always without someone whether it be on offensive or defense.

I think Mike Tomlin still has control of the locker room, but when he took the pool tables out of the team practice area, I felt the team could be changing their minds about the coach.

I talked to a player yesterday in the locker room and asked him what he thought about Tomlin and he told me

“Coach is trying to get these players to play, but you cannot ask a back – up to come in and play better than the starter, every play.  If that was the case he wouldn’t be the back up.  Injuries are killing us right now, and we totally support Coach.  I don’t know how the ownership feels about him, but we as players love him.  He is real, and he is always trying to make us better.”

I asked him about the Buffalo Bills and his response was great.

“The Buffalo Bills are not a bad team, they are very solid. They are hungry and young, but haven’t quite figured out how to win yet.  When they do they are going to be very tough to beat.  The defense is very solid and tough, but we need to show up.  This is not going to be an easy game, even at our house.  Buffalo is right down the road, we need our fans to turn up this week, and make sure it doesn’t turn into a home game for the Bills.”

What do you think, Could Coach Tomlin be on the hot seat?


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