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Geno Atkins torn ACL marks the 33rd this year, which is higher than last year’s total at midseason

I am honestly wondering how much longer the NFLPA is going to let their players continue to get hurt?  The NFL’s rule change which prohibits a player to hit above the waist without getting a fine has honestly turned into a bad situation.  The currently working span of an NFL player is already low at three years, and now with all these knee injuries, how many of them are going to shorten their careers?

The NFLPA was put in place to assist players and benefit them by ensuring their safety, and their money situation.  Last year they held out of an agreement which was a pain in the butt for the fans, but it did bring back football.  Well this year we have already had more knee injuries than ever before.  While we are cutting down on concussions from the year’s past we are going up in knee injuries.  Not every player in the NFL suffers a concussion and not all suffer knee injuries, but why don’t we implement tackling drills?

What ever happened to HIT, LIFT, CARRY?  What happened to wrap tackling? What happened to keeping the head in front of the player and making a sound tackle? The NFL and the NFLPA are overthinking this rule.  It is not hard to tackle someone the correct way.  I really think this rule needs to change, and maybe we need to bring in people to teach players how to tackle again.  Obviously after watching the Dolphins game, it would help them anyway.  This game is not that complicated, and the NFL and Roger Goodell are making it worse than ever.  33 ACL tears in one season is not good folks, that is horrible.  Out of those 33 players, several were superstars, several pro bowlers, and the rest were all quality starters in the NFL.  This needs to end, because it is getting bad for the NFL and the players association.


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