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Everyone is blaming Richie Incognito for Jonathan Martin’s departure, but there is more to it

Over the last few hours I’ve read numerous articles claiming that Richie Incognito is a bully. Every article I read his said that Richie Incognito called Jonathan Martin names was acting as a bully in the locker room for the Miami Dolphins. So I contacted a few guys to find out.

I spoke with three Dolphins players who remain anonymous, that told me that there was no foul play in the locker room the Miami Dolphins. But rather the Miami Dolphins players playing around quite a bit. They all said there was never any foul play or anything directed toward Jonathan Martin only.

@drocksthaparty: Just to let you know, I spoke to three dolphins players and not one of them said Martin was targetted or picked on.

@drocksthaparty: They said that they lineman always played games on each other, but it was not in foul play, rather having fun

@drocksthaparty: It was not like Richie Incognito was taking Martin’s paycheck. They played games

@drocksthaparty: Rolling up a towel and hitting a dude when in the shower, putting sun flower seeds in guys shoes, not harsh, funny

@drocksthaparty: There was more to the guys getting up and walking away from a table, i agree. I bet his poor play, being called turnstyle had something to do with it.

These are from some Phins players mouths who spent time in the same locker room as the players. This was not just Richie Incognito but all the players on the O and D line.

If this is the case then maybe there is more to the entire Martin story. If you factor in his horrible play, his own fans calling him a turnstyle and reading bad articles about your play, it could definitely push you over the edge.

So before everyone turns on Richie Incognito I want to say this. No matter what team he has played on he had a problem with his mouth, but if you did something to his teammate he was fighting. He has displayed that on television and even during games. So before you crucify the man, please take that into consideration.


@JeffDarlington: In middle of a conversation that lasted 19 texts, Martin said the following to Incognito: “Yeah, I’m good man. It’s insane bro but…” (con’t)

@JeffDarlington: Martin to Incognito: “Just know I don’t blame you guys at all it’s just the culture around football and the locker room got to me a little.”


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