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Cordarelle Patterson could start this week over Jerome Simpson

Jerome Simpson might have burned a bridge with the Minnesota Vikings coaching staff, after getting arrested last week for a DWI.  Simpson was a very solid player this year, but it looks like the Vikings are ready to go in a different direction.  That is why they drafted Patterson early.  Patterson is not just a kick/punt returner, the kid was a stand out wide receiver for the Tennessee Vols.  Well this week he could get the start opposite of Greg Jennings.

Frazier said he expects Simpson to play, but he didn’t commit to him remaining as the starter.

“I don’t know how we’ll handle that part of it,” Frazier said.

Patterson says he will be ready to go regardless. He took a shot at Percy Harvin saying that he doesn’t want to be compared to him, which I respect.

“I’m me, I can’t be nobody else,” Patterson said. “Why would I want to be Percy Harvin? I’m trying to set my own standards. I come in each day trying to get better and just be what CP can do, not what Percy Harvin can do. I just have to be myself.”

I know one person that will be ready this week, that is number 84.


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