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With the trade deadline here tomorrow, Could Matt Schaub be headed to the Rams?

There are several teams – including the St. Louis Rams and Cleveland Browns – who need help at quarterback. While 2013 has been quite the disaster for Schaub, there’s still plenty of reason to believe he can be a serviceable signal-caller in the NFL.  If a team like the Rams or Browns is desperate enough to upgrade the position, they could give the Texans a call in hopes of acquiring Schaub.

Matt Schaub would be a very good quarterback for a team that already has a quarterback on the roster, such as the St. Louis Rams.  I don’t believe the Rams would have to give up much, but believe me after tonight’s game it would be smart to start looking for a trade. Matt Schaub could make almost too much sense for the Rams.  It will give Sam Bradford a viable back-up as well as create a competition to make one another compete.


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