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Vikings need to fire Leslie Frazier if he continues to play Christian Ponder

I am sorry, I never like to say anything bad about a person, especially wishing them bad, but Leslie Frazier needs to learn. Last week the Vikings were able to get a victory because of Matt Cassel’s play.  A week before Cassel’s first start, Christian Ponder was ripped up by the fans as they boo’d him all the way to the locker room.  Well now Leslie Frazier still will not commit to the starting quarterback.  He will not give the keys to Matt Cassel, but I ask WHY?

“Christian (Ponder) is still injured,” Frazier told reporters Tuesday, “but yeah, he’s our starting quarterback and we’ll see how does coming out of the bye.”

Why aren’t the Vikings simply committing to Cassel now?

“It’s hard to be concrete when you know that Christian is dealing with an injury,” Frazier said. “So, we’ll see what happens.”

If the Vikings start Christian Ponder, then I think Frazier should be canned. I am sorry, even Adrian Peterson made a comment the other day saying that the players played harder for Cassel.  I don’t get what Frazier see’s in Ponder, I hope he visions his paycheck, because if he keeps Ponder at starter, he might as well flush his check down the drain.


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