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Top 3 Fantasy Starts this Week

1. Rams D/Sp. Teams- I got some good news and I got some bad news Rams fans. Bad news is that the Rams are 0-4 and have looked lost and overwhelmed defensively in every contest thus far, while giving up a whopping 388 yards per contest. The good news is that they are facing a team that is equally, If not worse than them. The Jags Offense ranks last in the league in total offense and looks like they can’t pass their way out of a paper bag. This is the type of remedy that ANY defense needs to get off the slump.
2. Eli Manning- Don’t panic fantasy owners. I know Eli has taken a pounding the last couple weeks, (taken down 14 times while completing just half of his passes over the past two games). But there is hope this week. The Eagles’ pass defense ranks 30th in the NFL So to all fantasy owners who owns Eli; It’s chow time!
3. Wes Welker- Wes Welker has been on some type of roll this season, and with Monte Kiffin’s Tampa 2 defense, Welker should have a field day on underneath routes and seam patterns. Given the fact that Claiborne has been demoted to nickel packages due to his poor performance against Keenan Allen last week, Welker is probably licking his chops for this match up. So how do the Cowboys reward Claiborne? By demoting him to an even daunting task: Trying to contain the most prolific slot wr the last 6 seasons. Good luck!


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