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XFL Owner Vince McMahon claims he fired Oliver Luck because of Antonio Callaway signing?

XFL Antonio Callaway
Did Oliver Luck really get fired by the XFL because he signed former Browns draft pick Antonio Callaway?

Oliver Luck is suing WWE and XFL owner Vince McMahon for wrongfully terminating him from his role as the CEO of the XFL back on April 9. Well according to TMZ Sports, Luck violated three rules which is why he was terminated. One of the reasons involve former Florida Gators wide receiver Antonio Callaway.

This sounds like it will get ugly but here are the three reasons.

  1. Luck “effectively abandoned his responsibilities” on March 13 by shutting down the XFL offices in Connecticut, and working from home in Indiana
  2. Luck signed ex-NFL receiver Antonio Callaway without getting approval from Vince.
  3. McMahon claims Luck misused an XFL-issued iPhone, using it for personal reasons when it was exclusively for work.

Remember, Callaway had previously been suspended by the NFL for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy. McMahon claims he ordered Luck to cut Callaway immediately, but Luck refused. This is an interesting complaint.


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