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Five most overrated Free Agent signings in NFL free agency

The Detroit Lions paid BOO-KOO money to Trey Flowers. They are replacing 21 career sacks for Ziggy Ansah who since 2015 when Flowers was a rookie has 32.5 sacks and he did not play every game.

We recently put together a list of five signings that we felt were super underrated signings, it would not be fair if we did not put together a list of the most overrated free agent signings. Well as you all know a game has not even been played yet, but we still have our opinions just like everyone else in the industry. So let’s talk about the five most overrated signings in free agency.

Le’Veon Bell, RB, New York Jets – I do not believe this was a great signing. The Jets offensive line has not been very good in the past, and they have not done anything in Free Agency to protect their future quarterback. Le’Veon Bell had a good line in Pittsburgh and a good quarterback, in New York he has a good quarterback, and that is it. After sitting out a year, I am not sure this was the best signing.

Trey Flowers, DE, Detroit Lions – I am not hating on Trey Flowers, because he was just going after the bag, but the Lions just overpaid for this kid. He is a decent football player but I feel this was a huge mistake. They are asking him to fill the void of Ziggy Ansah and I am betting against him. I feel this was a bad move, and will likely not end well for the Lions.

Trent Brown, OT, Oakland Raiders – The Raiders just made a former seventh-round pick the highest paid offensive tackle in football. I always thought it was a great story, but this was a move by the Raiders to solidify their line and rather than drafting a player to fill the void, they paid a kid that in my opinion did not deserve to be paid that amount of money. I feel they will regret it in a couple of years.

Adam Humphries, WR, Tennessee Titans – I feel this was a huge mistake. The Titans have solid wide outs and an amazing offensive line, but their quarterback play has been super inconsistent. If they keep Mariota going forward this move is not going to help. They could sign ten players, but the problem is not the wide outs in Tennessee. The problem is the quarterback. I feel Humphries will not help them at all, because of his QB play.

C.J. Mosley, LB, New York Jets – I cannot think of one big time Ravens free agent that left in free agency and did something for their next team. The Jets not only paid Mosley they OVERPAID Mosley. The Jets are a better organization than this, and I feel they are just trying to fill the stands. I am not sure they are really trying to help their franchise win. Contracts like this will set your team back 10 years.


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