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Are teams making a huge mistake by not signing Greg Hardy?

Whether you like him or not, Greg Hardy the former Carolina Panthers pass rusher is one of the best in the business.

Why is he having a hard time finding a team though? 

Hardy faced domestic violence charges in 2014 and ended up costing the Carolina Panthers $13.1 million to play in only one game. The charges against Hardy were dropped Feb. 9, when his accuser, former girlfriend Nicole Holder, refused to cooperate with the district attorney’s office after reaching a financial settlement with Hardy.

Hardy is seeking immediate reinstatement by the NFL, which is still mulling whether to suspend Hardy under the league’s personal conduct code.

So are teams scared of him? No, to be honest they are not worried about the player. Instead they are worried about the public’s perception. Teams are worried more about the public’s opinion than winning games.

There is not a better pass rusher in the game than Greg Hardy who is available at this point. To be honest there is some interest in Hardy, but will a contender sign him?

I know one team I would put him on, and that is the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have the largest fan base in the NFL. They need a pass rusher and after a couple games, Hardy will be forgiven by the public.

Would you sign him?


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