Will T.J. Yates or Case Keenum be the odd man out for the Texans?

Today Bill O’Brien made it clear that one quarterback has to go before camp.  It is very hard to get reps for all four of the Texans quarterbacks. 

“Anytime you have four, I don’t think it’s easy to divide the reps,” O’Brien said Monday. “I think you can really get three guys reps in a practice, which is basically what we’ve been doing, and I know that’s probably not the easiest thing for those guys.

“We haven’t really talked about the roster yet as it relates to training camp. … It’s a very competitive situation.”

We already know that O’Brien brought in Ryan Fitzpatrick and drafted Tom Savage.  Both Case Keenum and T.J. Yates on the other hand came from the Gary Kubiak era, which is over.  

So it makes you wonder which one is the odd man out.  I believe that T.J. Yates will be the one shown the door, because Keenum is a former Houston Cougar and their starter from last year.  He at least brings ticket sales to your box office.  I am sorry, but Yates could be traded or cut pretty soon. 

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