Will Michael Vick ever start again in the NFL? He believes so

Many people didn’t think Michael Vick would have ever been accepted back by NFL fans or organizations, but that has all changed. Well recently vick lost his starting job to the red-hot Nick foles.

“It’s tough when your future’s uncertain, but you also have to look at the things that you did, the things that you [were] able to do well,” Vick said. “Hopefully, that’s enough to continue to show that I can continue to play. I feel good, I feel great, still feel like I have a lot of time to play this game.”

Vick handled the prospect of his demotion with grace and he wasn’t any different after Kelly gave him the official word on Tuesday.

“I’m not a selfish person at all,” Vick said. “I don’t ever feel like the world revolves around me. I’ve been blessed. I’ve been blessed with the ability to play this game. I’m extremely talented. Like I said, I know I’ve got a lot of football to play and that’s what keeps me going.”

So do you feel Michael Vick can still start in the NFL? Could you imagine him on the Cleveland Browns?

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