Will Falcons make a mistake by not signing Corey Peters to a long term deal?

Curtis Lofton, Brent Grimes, John Abraham, and even Vance Walker all excelling with new teams. So the biggest question I have is will The Falcons make mistake and let Corey Peters walk too?

This year Corey Peters has been one of the positives on the defense. Peters is having his best year ever with 41 tackles and 4 sacks. Over his four years in Atlanta, Peters has registered 118 tackles, 8 sacks, 1 interception and 6 passes deflected.

The other big free agent defensive tackle out there is BJ Raji who everyone seems to love, but his stats are no where comparable to Peters.

BJ Raji of the Packers has registered 89 total tackles and 10.5 sacks in more games than Peters. Peters is killing Raji this year in stats as well. Raji only has 14 tackles and started every game. That is less than one tackle a game folks.

So my big question is how will Corey Peters not get a huge pay day? If I were a GM, I would put up some good money for Peters. He is a young player with tons of great skills. The stats don’t lie, Falcons you better keep the man, everyone else you let go continues to shine, while the man you have to replace them are struggling.

I expect Peters to get a good contract. Last year Sammie Lee Hill received a three year deal worth 11.4 million and he is not a starter, Desmond Bryant was given a 5 year deal worth 35 million dollars (which was crazy), and Brandon Mebane made 5.5 million a year.

If you compare Peters to those players he has better stats than all. Will he get a pay day worth 35 million? I don’t know but I would expect the Falcons to at least offer him a 5 year deal worth 25 million dollars like they gave Babineaux. Especially with the stats he has put up, if the Falcons don’t put up the money another team will.

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