Why count Cleveland out this week against the Vikings?

I am sorry, ever since Trent Richardson was traded a day ago, people have already labeled the Browns as a lock to get the first overall pick.  Well I disagree, I think the Browns can still win.  Listen, the day before the Browns traded T-Rich, they named Brian Hoyer the starting quarterback for week 3 against the Vikings.

The Minnesota Vikings are not that great of a football team, I don’t see why people are chunking up an L in the win/loss column.  Especially when anything can happen on Sunday.

The Browns defense is special, they have their moments, but with the addition of Willis McGahee the Browns are not going to be a slouch.  McGahee still has a lot left in the tank, and he has ripped the Vikings defense before.  Brian Hoyer has shown he can distribute the ball to his wide outs.  My question is this, Why are we suppose to write off the Browns?

I don’t care if Brandon Weeden is sitting or not, to be honest it probably couldn’t hurt them, it might help them.  Hoyer still has guys like Jordan Cameron and company to throw the ball too.  If the Browns defense can stand up, and McGahee looks fresh (which he should be), the Browns could get a win this week.  A matter of fact, I chose them to win in our Writer’s Picks this week.

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