Why could teams ask Dez Bryant about his Mom, but couldn’t ask Michael Sam about his sexual preference?

I am shocked the NFL sent out a memo saying teams could not ask Michael Sam about his sexual preference, but they could ask Dez Bryant about his mother’s sex life.

Per, The NFL sent out a memo to all its clubs last week reminding them of questions they shouldn’t be asking prospects at the combine, including those that violate the league’s anti-discrimination policy.

Sam was asked by the media if he was asked about his sexual preference and he responded.

“It was all football questions,” he said. Since Sam is the first openly gay draft prospect, the door figured to be open for peripheral questions about how he might handle any associated difficulties. It doesn’t appear NFL teams went there.

The thing that bothers me is that his future employer cannot talk about his sexual preference, but he can go on national television and talk about it.

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