What was Leslie Frazier thinking of calling back to back timeouts to help the Redskins?

I watched the game, and the clock was ticking down and the Redskins were driving.  I watched Leslie Frazier call two straight time outs, to give the Redskins more time to set up a play to try and tie the game.

When I watched the game, I was upset, in my mind I said if the Vikings lose this game, Frazier is going to get fired.  Well the Vikings were able to pull off the win.  It was a little luck, but when Leslie Frazier was asked about the timeouts, his response made a lot of sense, especially since they suited up less than the 46 players they are alloted due to injuries.

“I wanted to make sure for one, our guys were getting a little fatigued,” Frazier said, per The Star Tribune. “But also if they were to get a score, I wanted us to have a chance to go back and respond. I didn’t want then to be able to run the clock out and us not have a chance on offense. Fortunately for us, because our guys were gassed, they got their breath and made some big stops at the end.”

“I’ve learned in my short time as head coach that you better do it the way you believe in doing it because you don’t have a chance to do this for very long,” Frazier said. “You don’t want to have any regrets. Our players, they’re thinking about what they need to think about. But I need to think about the total picture. So no big deal.”

After I read this I understood a little better of why he called the timeout, but that could have gone either way.  I think GOD was on his side last night.

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