Von Miller arrested again, I’m sorry the Mugshot is a cry for help (MUST SEE)

Von MillerI just don’t get football players I guess.  I have been working in this industry for years and have watched guys like Vontaze Burfict and Kenbrell Thompkins go undrafted because they were suppose to be bad apples.  They were guys who weren’t good teammates, who had problems off the field, who had issues with everyone.  Well it looks like these so called NFL scouts are missing a bit of information on these players that get drafted as well.  Listen one thing was Aaron Hernandez, who fell to the mid rounds because he did have problems.  Well one player that didn’t fall was Von Miller.

Von Miller put on a hell of a show, they put him on the television and promoted him like a hero.  A modern day saint, so to speak.  Well after just a couple years in the NFL, Von Miller has turned into the biggest prick with a major problem.

Someone who was once called a great teammate cannot stay out of trouble with the law.  I don’t care if it is a jaywalking ticket, he needs better guidance.  If I was Von Miller, I would fire my agent and get some help.  Obviously he doesn’t care too much about your idiotic moves.  Your moves are costing you money and potentially your career.

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller, already suspended for the first six games of the season, now faces more legal problems according to a CBS4 investigation.

CBS4 has learned the star linebacker was stopped again by law enforcement last week and cited for driving while his license was suspended and speeding, adding to a multitude of legal woes.

Listen, the NFL needs to step in, NOW.  Last year was an odd year for players.  You had Titus Young who committed like 10 crimes in a row, you have a serial killer with Aaron Hernandez and now Von Miller.  Someone help him before it is too late.  PLEASE, this is not a cry for help but look at his mugshot. HE NEEDS HELP, NOW…..

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