Vikings need to trade Christian Ponder for a draft pick

I don’t care what any one says, I honestly feel it is time to let their former first rounder go. While he might not be the great leader the Vikes wanted him to be, he is way better than Josh Freeman.

The Vikings have made him disgruntled the way they treated him and to be honest he is a better option then several teams have right now as a starter. I can think of five teams that could use Ponder and start him this week over their quarterbacks.

Jacksonville Jaguars – They could use him, Gabbert and Henne are horrible.

Chicago Bears – The Bears are about to start a high school teacher this week for Cutler.

St. Louis Rams – Kellen Clemens? Really?

Cleveland Browns – Ponder is better than Weeden, Campbell and Hoyer.

Houston Texans – Matt Schaub experience is over, they could use Ponder.

If you are going to rebuild get a draft pick for Ponder, he is already upset. If he beats the Packers his stock could rise.

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