Two players on the same team would “LOVE” to have Jonathan Martin on their team

It is not that often that you find anyone that wants to play with Jonathan Martin anymore after he ran to the media and messed up the entire locker room of the Miami Dolphins saying he was bullied.  Well there are two players that still want him on their team, and get this team play on the same team, and one of them has pull.

Coby Fleener was the first to step up and say he would want J-Mart on his team saying:

“He’s physical at the line of scrimmage, smart guy, understands the offense well,”Indianapolis Colts tight end Coby Fleener said. “I think he would be a great teammate for anybody to have.”

I don’t think Dolphins fans would agree with  him being physical at all, but hey Fleener knows a thing about him since they played at Stanford  together.  Their leader for the Cardinals at the time was Andrew Luck, and yep you guessed it, he is the second in favor of Martin.

“I’d say I love Jon, we had a great time at Stanford together, still stay in touch with him regularly and I think he’s a great man,” Luck said regarding the input he’d provide, if/when (when) he’s asked about Martin.

Luck said he still regularly talks to Martin, and that they spoke “[p]robably a couple days ago.”

Luck seemed to be choosing his words carefully, but he ultimately provided one key word in response to the question of whether he’d be 100 percent in favor of acquiring Martin:  “Yes.”

Dolphins fans, you might have a trade partner eventually for Martin, see maybe it wasn’t that bad after all….

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