The top 10 could be totally different; Expect some trades

We have been hearing over the past several weeks that teams are looking to trade up into the top 10. Staff from,, and have all said that there could be tons of trades.  They say every day that another team is considering to trade up, but how bad has it been?

Well today Mike Pettine from the Cleveland Browns said to media that the phones have been ringing off the hook.

#Browns HC Mike Pettine said phones have been ringing for draft trades, virtually all teams in top 10 talking.
5/1/14 1:45 PM

While you can expect a few trades, due to the new CBA and the player contracts being cheaper, how many trades could occur?  This year is a strange year, and if teams really feel this draft is deep enough to gain a starter in the 4th and 5th round, teams might be willing to jump back and stack up the players rather than have a guy early.

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