Tony Romo had a pretty solid season last year, but people still complain

Quarterback Tony Romo, in 15 games, finished ninth in completion percentage, fifth in touchdowns and 12th in yards. Romo threw for 3,828 yards and most likely would have reached 4,000 yards if he were available for the Philadelphia Eagles game in the regular season finale.

There were 21 quarterbacks that threw for at least 3,000 yards.  While many want to blame Romo for the mishaps, you have to look at the OC Bill Callahan.

The run game, Callahan’s biggest issue, finished 24th in the NFL, but you can’t blame lead running back DeMarco Murray. Callahan’s inability to use the run game effectively was a main reason.

Yet, when Murray was used, he rushed for more than 1,000 yards in the season despite missing two games with a sprained knee.

My biggest question is why does everyone hate Tony Romo?  I am a Buffalo Bills fan, I would take right now.  I would rather get close to the playoffs than to never see them……

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