Tony Romo had 17 TD’s to 3 Ints last year and the team still was 0-7

People complain about Tony Romo quite a bit, but you cannot blame any of the seven loses on him last year. Romo had an outstanding season in 2014. Did you know Romo threw 17 touchdowns to only 3 interceptions amd the team still went 0-7?

@FO_ScottKacsmar: Denver game inflates things, but Romo really did go 0-7 last year with 17 TD, 3 INT.

I still don’t want to think the Dallas Cowboys overpaid for Romo, because he is a great quarterback. If you want to say a player was overpaid look at Brandon Carr.

It won’t be long before Jason Garrett is shown the door, because the offense will not be able to bail out how bad the defense will be.

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