Tony Gonzalez has almost 5,000 yards more than all other TE’s in the history of the NFL

Tony Gonzalez is bar none the best tight end to ever play the game but when you look at the statistics they are mind blowing. Gonzalez has almost 5,000 more yards all-time than Shannon Sharpe who is in second place.

1. Tony Gonzalez 15,008
2. Shannon Sharpe 10,060
3. Jason Witten 9,651
4. Antonio Gates 9,120
5. Ozzie Newsome 7,980
6. Jackie Smith 7,918
7. Kellen Winslow 6,741
8. Steve Jordan 6,307
9. Jeremy Shockey 6,143
10. Todd Christensen 5,872

Football is not the same without Tony Gonzalez, but it is safe to say he will be a sure fire First Ballot Hall of Famer in a few years.

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