Titans rookie running back Antonio Andrews made a 5 year old’s day

antonio andrewsTo sum it was just a phone call, but to die-hard football fans it was a gesture that will touch your heart. A five year old boy name Cameron is getting open heart surgery on July 08, 2014. Prayers are being sent to him and his family. I know the family personally and was thinking about the thoughts that are running through their heads. An email was sent out by the father name Kevin asking for prayers for his son.

A thought came to my head since the family is a die-hard Titans fan that maybe a football player would like to show some love by calling or messaging the family. To put a smile on their face when the time right now is usually being scared of what can and will happen to Cameron.

The football player that came to mind was Tennessee’s Titans rookie running back Antonio Andrews. Andrew was Western Kentucky star running back. Was first team all American in 2013. Leader in all- purpose yards last year in college.

When I mentioned to Andrews about maybe calling or leaving a message by Facebook to the family, Andrews didn’t hesitate and said “Yes I can do that”. Andrews advised me it would mean more if he called. Andrews called the family in which Kevin knew exactly who Andrews was. Andrew was able to talk to Cameron and wish him well and told him that behalf of the Tennessee Titans Cameron is in their thoughts and prayers.

After couple of minutes of a player talking to the fan and ill child, the phone calls started to cycle down to the family members, that a football player would take time and call a complete stranger to show he cared. Andrews stated that he loved kids and it is always good to see a smile on a kids face. In the end the gesture of a super hero calling a kid before his scary procedure also made a player feel that a good deed touched his heart as well.

Anybody that reads this post should be a fan of Antonio Andrews because there are players out there that just don’t want to make the time for others. As well, some players feel that a phone call won’t matter to a family. However, it sure does! Not every day does a player call a sick child to say my prayers and thoughts are with you. Not every day does a die-hard fan get to hear a voice over a phone by a team’s player that he loves so much. That happened today thanks to Antonio Andrews.

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This article was written by Joseph Muia, a lead contributor to NFL Draft Diamonds. Please follow him on twitter @Joey435686

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