The lady responsible for players to wear Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness has passed

SandraToday DeAngelo Williams the running back of the Carolina Panthers lost his mother Sandra Hill. Sandra was the reason the NFL allowed teams to wear pink for breast cancer awareness, which has really turned into an amazing support group.  She was doing fine, but according to Adam Schefter, her cancer returned two weeks ago.  

Condolences to @DeAngeloRB, who lost his mother Sandra Hill today to breast cancer. Her cancer returned 2 weeks ago.
5/16/14 10:26 PM
Sandra Hill, @DeAngeloRB’s mom, was the inspiration for the NFL allowing players to wear pink cleats back in 2009.
5/16/14 10:27 PM

Rest in Peace Sandra, and we send out our condolences DeAngelo. #HeadUpChestOut #TeamDiamond

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