The final play of the Patriots/Panthers game was a horrible call

While I cannot stand Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, tonight one ref had the right call.  At the end of the game, Tom Brady threw a pass intended for Rob Gronkowski, where he was double teamed by both Robert Lester the UDFA from Alabama and Luke Kuechly.

On the pass, Gronkowski is mauled by Luke Kuechly who never once turns around. He boxes Gronk in and pushes him out of bounds, while Lester jumps the route and makes the interception.  While it was a great play by Lester to come up with the pick, it was a horrible call.

I feel the Patriots should be at the one yard line with :00 seconds left on the clock with one play to run.  The referee in the back of the end zone that watched the play perfectly noticed the obvious call and threw his flag.  For some reason the flag was picked up and the game concluded with the Patriots losing by 4.

I am very sorry if you disagree with me, but that was a horrible call. I know Tom Brady is given a ton of calls, but this call was an obvious one that the refs missed.  Will it hurt the Patriots?  I highly doubt it, watch the Pats come out next week and beat the Broncos.

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