The Dolphins are making a huge mistake if they let go Richie incognito

Just a week ago everybody was calling Richie Incognito a bully, saying he was a bad guy, he was the team criminal, and team bad boy. Well it looks now that everybody’s supporting him. So far over 10 of his teammates have said they have his back. Why is that? It’s simple he’s a team leader.

If the Miami Dolphins release Incognito and keep Jonathan Martin they are going to create a cancer in the locker room. It is going to be one of the biggest problems in that locker room for years to come.

If they want to do that they might as well go ahead and release them both. I think honestly this team will support Incognito. Any single person that turns their back on a teammate are turning their back on a teammate. Jonathan Martin once was looked at like a guy that was bullied, but instead now he looks like a Rat, that is scared.

I have been saying it from day one, there’s always two sides of every story. I’m not saying Richie was right for his phone call but if he always spoke to Martin like that and he was never told not to say that then what can you expect. For a very intelligent Stanford kid, he is pretty darn dumb. He is trying to make Incognito look like a bad guy and it has backfired in his face. He has ultimately killed his own career.

I hope he paid attention in class at Stanford, because he is going to need it.

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