Texas’ best team is no longer the Cowboys

I am sorry Dallas fans, but your team is no longer Texas’ premier team. Since 1999, the San Antonio Spurs have take over as the best team, winning 5 NBA Championships.

The San Antonio franchise has become a machine. They have an owner that lets basketball people make basketball decisions. That’s not the same as the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones will not hire a GM and continues to keep his coaching staff around.

While the Cowboys have the entire country on lockdown when it comes to most watched and highest television ratings, the team is not getting it done on the field. That is the major difference with the Spurs. San Antonio does not have a worldwide fan base, but they have been a true Dynasty in the NBA making the playoffs year after year.

Jerry Jones needs to wake up, because he is not just losing his status in the state, he is losing his fan base that once made him Powerful in the NFL.

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