Terrelle Pryor has more rushing yards than both C.J. Spiller and Chris Johnson

Terrelle Pryor has been pretty impressive this year.  Who would have thought that as a fantasy quarterback he would be a good option?  Well I sure as heck didn’t realize it, and I apologize.  I would also like to apologize for going against the Raiders this week on our Writer’s picks.  Terrelle Pryor is turning me into a believer and I am starting to like this kid.  After his 90 plus yard run against the Steelers this week, I couldn’t help but praise him.  Well our friend Ian Kenyon of Bleacher Report put out this little stat, and it is pretty interesting.

Terrelle Pryor has more rushing yards than CJ Spiller and Chris Johnson. Didn’t see that coming.

Both CJ2k and Spiller were considered first round picks, and they have been horrible this year in fantasy.  Can they turn it around? I honestly don’t know but I can say this, they better step it up.

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