Teddy Bridgewater should be the biggest steal in the draft

I love listening to people smash Teddy Bridgewater because of his pro day experience, because that is not how you scout a football player.  You have to look at film, heart, the passion of the game, the throws, the leadership and the way he plays.  If you put all those things together and look at the film, Teddy possesses every one.

Teddy Bridgewater slipped because of a horrible pro day, which he could have been super nervous. He was the only player to do anything put of his comfort level at their pro day. He took his gloves off and played with out them. It might have been a million dollar decision, because he slipped pretty far, but was a blessing to the Vikings.

Several great quarterbacks played with a glove for example both Peyton Manning who is Super Bowl Champion and Doug Flutie the former Heisman Trophy Winner and CFL legend also wore gloves.

Bridgewater is going to be playing outside in Minnesota, and he is use to wearing a glove. He has the best running back in the past decade behind him, and a very special couple wide outs and tight end.

In a few years we will look back at this and say why did all these team pass on Teddy Bridgewater? Then we will have to sit back and remember that sometimes you have to come out of your comfort level to succeed. The decision of wearing a glove might have hurt him financially now, but his second contract will be a huge one because of his situation.

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