Would you take Jonathan Martin on your team?

I want to know what you all think of Jonathan Martin?  I want to know if you would take him on your team after this entire Bullying saga in Miami.  Well according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Jonathan Martin wants to play in 2014. A matter of fact, the embattled offensive tackle wants to play and it’s not outside the realm of possibility he continues his career in South Beach, Rapoport reported Wednesday on NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access.”

My big question is if Martin is lying about the Bullying, would you want him on your team?  The former Stanford graduate obviously thought this was going to be a smart thing to do, or else he would not have ran out of the facility and went to the media about being bullied, right?

I just want to know if you would take Jonathan Martin on your team?  I personally would not want him in my locker room.  At this point he would be a bigger distraction than Michael Sam or Tim Tebow.  Martin will not be able to go back to Miami in my opinion, he is going to have to request a trade.  No one in that locker room is going to support the guy or feel comfortable around him.  I mean, there are teams with desperate need at tackle, but do you think this guy could help the team or hurt it?

Teams do not like people that lie, and bring drama to the locker room. Martin does both, so one last time WOULD YOU WANT HIM IN YOUR LOCKER ROOM?

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