Super Bowl XLVIII could go down as the worst Super Bowl in NFL History

I am a die hard football fan, but I love to see a close game. Tonight’s game has been very bad, and to be honest it has to be bad for the NFL. After watching Peyton Manning and the Broncos get slaughter on the football field, most of America probably changed their television sets or surfed the web.

Let’s be honest, the Super Bowl is supposed to be the best team from the AFC against the best team from the NFC. Tonight we watched the #1 offense go against the #1 defense, and it was not close at all. Man people love to see points, and that is fine, but if you would have asked an avid NFL fan who was going to win tonight, I bet no one would have said a Seattle Seahawks blow out unless they were from Washington.

Well tonight we all witnessed the most embarrassing Super Bowl loss in the history of the NFL, and unfortunately the quarterback on the losing team is one of the best players to ever play the game. I am sure the NFL is not happy about the turnout, but if you are a Seattle fan I know you are jumping up and down.

I am sure all the Seattle greats like Joey Galloway, Steve Largent, Walter Jones, Brian Bosworth and Dave Craig are somewhere jumping up and down, and they should be, because tonight their team spanked the Broncos.

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