Suh takes another shot at the NFL after getting a cheap shot from O-Lineman

Arizona Cardinals guard Paul Fanaika made quite the dirty play last week against Ndamukong Suh, when he dove at his knees. The same play caused the NFL to fine Suh 100, 000 dollars the week before for the low block on the Vikings lineman which caused major drama in “Suh’s World”.

On Wednesday, Suh was asked the play.

“To me it’s just gnats in the air,” Suh said, according to The Detroit News. “I just swat at ’em, sometimes you hit ’em, sometimes you don’t, sometimes they run away.”

“I’m just that bee going to find that honey hole.”

Has Suh’s notorious history put a target on his back? If the actions of Fanaika are any indication, it certainly seems that way.

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