Steelers safety Ryan Clark defends Dez Bryant’s emotions on the sidelines

Ryan Clark is one of the most emotional football players in the NFL, and I personally love his attitude.  Well today he called out all the critics that have been hammering Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys.  This is not something you see often, but it is pretty cool to see a player from another team sticking up for Dez Bryant.

“I’ve seen Tom Brady cuss and scream and do all kind of things but nobody looks at him like that,” the outspoken Pittsburgh Steelers safety said Wednesday. “I just think it’s unfair the way we see it and the way the media portrays certain things because of personal feelings about a person.”

Clark said he saw nothing wrong with what Bryant did even though cameras showed him having heated discussions on the sideline with several teammates, including tight end Jason Witten. Bryant’s actions overshadowed a spectacular touchdown catch he made in the Cowboys’ 31-30 loss to the Detroit Lions.

“Dez Bryant wasn’t going off. Dez Bryant said, ‘We are the best in the NFL at this.’ Doesn’t sound like going off to me,” Clark said. “Were his hands flailing, did he use some vulgarity? Yes. But his speech was, ‘We are the best in the NFL at this. They can’t stop us doing this.’ What’s wrong with that?”

I have to agree with Clark, Dez Bryant wants the ball, and he is the best offensive player on that roster.  GIVE HIM THE BALL, and let him get emotional. I love that he called out Tom Brady, hahaha.

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