Steelers coach banned games in the locker room, What a joke

Today the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported that Head Coach Mike Tomlin has banned all games in the locker room after the team’s 0-4 start, extending a prohibition that had applied to only players with less than four years of experience. Big Ben, and other veterans had mad a rule to ban players with less than four years play pool or ping pong during working hours.

I am sorry, but personally after the team was 0-2, I would have been doing a lot more than taking a game. I understand where Tomlin is going, but will this work? Yes, everyone will be affected by the move not just the rookies, but can they beat the Jets?

Free safety Ryan Clark agreed with the move saying:

“Nobody is really tripping about it,” the 12th-year veteran said. “We understand the spirit in which it’s done in, and we’re just playing football.”

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