Pathetic Buffalo Bills fan sues team for too many text messages

Ralph Wilson Jr. did everything possible to keep the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo and to keep the bills fans happy. Well today a sorry ass Buffalo Bills fan sued the organization for sending out too many text messages to let him know what was going on with his team.

I personally love the Buffalo Bills text messages because I live in Florida too, you don’t always get to see your team on television or the radio. Let’s be honest, half the time if you do not go to the Message Board you won’t know what’s going if it concerns Buffalo.

Well today the Buffalo Bills reached a $3 million settlement as part of a Federal Court case filed two years ago in Florida over excessive texting to mobile text subscribers.

The lawsuit alleged that the organization sent more text messages to subscribers than what was originally disclosed in the mobile alert program agreement.

Jerry Wojcik, a former Western new York resident who lives in Florida, filed the class-action lawsuit against the Bills. Wojcik claimed that while visiting the website on Sept. 12, 2012, he read an ad about receiving mobile text messages from the Bills, with terms and conditions of the agreement including, “You will be opted in to receive three to five messages per week for a period of 12 months.”

Well apparently Wojcik received six text messages in one week and seven in another and that was worth $3 million people.

The world is pathetic, you can sue for anything nowadays. It sounds like Mr. Wojcik needed money. It’s a shame that any federal court would even take the man’s side.

But hey one time a lady sued McDonald’s because the coffee was too hot welcome to America…..

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