Should the Cowboys re-sign Demarco Murray?

Let’s be honest. …The 91 yard run against the St.Louis Rams on that turf put Murray on the map. Since mid 2011 Demarco has started at RB for the Dallas Cowboys and you have to be happy with him and his production on the field. (WHEN HE IS HEALTHY).
In 11 games when he has 20 plus rushes the Cowboys are 11-0. Murray is 2nd in average yards after contact. He is 7th for pass blocking efficiency and he is 3rd on catching catchable balls.

Murray is a good back. (WHEN HEALTHY)

So let’s get down to brass tax. It’s just not the same NFL anymore. RB’s are just not getting paid anymore. Consider this, out of the top 25 backs in the league, the contracts average out to about 5.4 million dollars per year. To add to that most teams have backs sharing the rock anyway. Which means there are no more primary backs, so there is no more primary money for that position either.

Should the Cowboys bring Murray back? Of course. ….. but at a very Cowboy friendly number. With Dez Bryant and Tyron Smith’s contracts coming up, Murray is just not a priority for the Cowboys or this pass happy NFL.

This article was wrote by Raymond Shaw of @SportsRuckus. Make sure you follow him on twitter.

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